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Joker Tattoos Design, One off Cool Clown Tattoo

Why are Joker tattoos such a popular design? They are likely more popular among those who are either devout fans of the Batman comic, movie and television series, or get pleasure from the association the joker has with mischievousness.

The joker meaning is usually one or the other - foolish or full of mischief and a little evil. The popularity of the Jokertattoo is more much dominant among men than women. However, we do see requests amoung women from time to time.
Joker Tattoo Meanings And Personality
They are often associated with having somewhat of an insane personality. The Batman series further popularized this notion. The type of Joker tattoo desired is dependent on the person choosing the design. The focus is typically on the smile because this is the distinctive characteristic of the Joker.

Also associated with a deck of playing cards, the Joker represents the only card in the deck that does not have a numerical value. As such, it is considered the 'wild card.' This is often why people get a tattoo of the Joker. They may see themselves as the 'wild card' in the deck of life. Others may choose the Joker because they enjoy card games or gambling.

Tattoo Design Techniques And Ideas
Colors and shading used to create a Joker tattoo are part of the detail that makes this a highly desirable tattoo. The detail and the mixture of the colors - green, yellow and black - are shaded to give the tattoo the look desired.

The makeup is often smeared around the mouth as well to give the Joker his evil and insane look. It is important that the tattoo artist master the lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth to get the right look of this tattoo.
Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger Joker Portrayal
The Joker tattoo may be chosen because of the popularity of the movie or because the person is a fan of either Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger, who both played the infamous character. The latter is chosen as a remembrance to the actor. There are also plenty of Jack Nicholson fans as well who enjoyed his portrayal of the Joker and have gottentattoos of his mischievous portrayal of the villain.

The Joker is portrayed as the bad guy, always making a mess of everything, but he is still considered by many to be charming and fun to watch. For many, this tattoo is chosen for the little 'joker' that lives in all of us. Some people get enjoyment out of the scoundrels as well as the good guys. The fact that they have so much fun while creating havoc just appeals to that side of us.
Joker Tattoo History And Popularity
This character first appeared in 1940 in the Batman comics. Since then, movies and television have given the Joker a status that has only grown more popular over the years. Celebrities are even sporting this tattoo. For example, the keyboardist for Bon Jovi has a Joker tattoo on his chest.

The popularity of this tattoo does not seem to be waning in the least. In fact, it is gaining. Jokers are present in Tarot cards as well and this has an entirely different meaning for some who choose this design.

The presence of the Joker in Tarot cards is dependent on the position. If it is facing upright, this is considered to be a sign of a new beginning. If it is facing down, this means there are important choices that must be made before starting the new beginning. The Joker in Tarot cards is referred to as the 'Fool'.

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